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  • 運載義,佛法如車乘,能運載眾生橫度煩惱中流,直登涅槃彼岸。
  • 摧碾義,即佛法的智慧能摧破眾生的無明煩惱,令其超凡入聖,成就出世聖果,猶如轉輪聖王的輪寶,能制伏四方。
  • 圓滿義,因佛所說的教法圓滿無缺,因此以輪的圓滿為比喻。



多種兼容性 - 適用於4 - 8英寸之間的任何手機。
穩定 - 水晶琉璃保持穩定,無震動。



Wheel of the Law /Dharmachakra


The dharmachakra or "Wheel of the Law"  represents Gautama Buddha and the Dharma teaching. This symbol is commonly used by Tibetan Buddhists, where it sometimes also includes an inner wheel of the Gankyil (Tibetan). Nepalese Buddhists don't use the Wheel of Law in the eight auspicious symbols.


MULTIPLE COMPATIBILITY - suitable for any phone between 4 - 8 inch.
PROBLEM SOLVED - tired of holding your phone by hand, always drop your phone on your face
STEADY HOLDER -Crystal Liuli stay stable and NO shake.



尺寸/Size: 10(H) * 8(w)*6 (D)

法輪琉璃水晶電話座/ Dharmachakra Crystal Liuli Mobile Stand

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