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綠財神,爲東方不動佛之化身。綠財神乃是藏密無上瑜珈部之不二續"時輪金剛本續"中所傳出的,亦是東方金剛不動佛(Buddha Aksobhya)所現的應化身,受釋迦牟尼佛囑咐,爲一切貧苦衆生轉大法輪。


20cm H

Green Jambala is also a form ofBuddha Akshobhya , who is blue in colour . Green Dzambhala made a vow in front of Buddha Sakyamuni that he will protect anyone who chant his mantra or chant his name. When one has difficulties, it is best to chant sincerely in one’s heart the mantra. Green Jambala’s mantra is the same mantra as the yellow Jambhala Mantra.

綠財神 20cm/Green Jambala

Color: green
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