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念珠又稱作佛珠, 數珠等, 是念佛時紀錄的工具, 而念佛是修行佛道基本方法之一, 掐捻念珠誦經持咒念佛, 能生諸種功德, 而中國民間一般非佛教徒亦有配戴佛珠, 因為非佛教徒亦多相信手戴佛珠可保平安。





108 Liuli Crystal Prayer Beads


The Prayer beads also named as Buddhist beads. The Liuli Crystal beads are clear as transparency glass; Liuli is means wisdom in the Ancient century. Liuli crystal is valuable to collect with.

It’s one of the seven treasures of Buddhism.


The Liuli crystal prayer beads can help us to visualize with the Buddha and for chanting as well.


Prayer bead is the tools for chanting and counting the times. Chanting is one of the basic methods of practicing Buddhism. We can dedicate the merits of chanting, while we chant the name of Buddha.


Some of the Chinese are non-Buddhists. They will generally wear the prayer beads, because they believe in wearing beads can keep themselves feel peacefully all the time.


The size of 6mm beads, It’s suitable for petite ladies to wear with.  


108 琉璃湖上藍念珠 6mm/ 108 prayer beads in Aquamarine 6mm

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